A Letter to the Members of the Ceylon Association


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Your prayers and gifts have laid me and the Diocese of Colombo under deep obligations, which I am very sorry to have left for two years without acknowledgment. The difficulty of selecting materials for the annual letter becomes every year greater as the work, by God's bless ing, increases. And this year, being in England, I will not attempt so much a report of recent details as a general sketch of the whole. For sermons and addresses, and in particular for an address to be delivered, as one of a series of such Diocesan sketches, in St. Paul's Cathedral, I have found myself led to draw up the out lines of a method for the study of any branch of Mission work, and to illustrate it from the case of my own Diocese. This I offer, in the place of a letter, to the members of our Ceylon Association, in the hope that it may supply a framework or a foundation upon which future annual letters may lay new details as each part of the work goes on.

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