A Syllabus of Household Management

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<i>A Syllabus of Household Management</i> is a brief text written by Mary Louise Furst. The book is an overview of everything a homemaker should consider when approaching the management of the household and provides readers with an opportunity to gain perspective on home life in the early twentieth century.<br><br><i>A Syllabus of Household Management</i> checks in at a mere nineteen pages if one does not include the bibliography. It is, at its core, a checklist of important items for a homemaker to consider. The text is broken up into sections, each of which details a different aspect of household management, and the important factors that apply to this aspect. For instance, there is a section on furnishing the home, which contains subheadings detailing general considerations, special items, and important separate units. In all, twelve sections are presented, covering topics such as education for the home, standard of living, supplies, food, and several more.<br><br><i>A Syllabus of Household Management</i> is ripe with delicious historical nuggets, for example a section on the cost of a rental property in New York City ($7 to $10 monthly). Furst's book transports the reader to a different time period, and reveals the many aspects of household life that are dramatically different today than they were a century ago.<br><br>As a historical time capsule, <i>A Syllabus of Household Management</i> is a pleasant read. Its brief nature makes it a book easy to casually peruse. Mary Louise Furst's work will appeal to anybody interested in the history of household management and homemaking and provides tips and advice that are still useful today.

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