A History of the Ancient Egyptians

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As works on the early Orient multiply, it becomes more and more easy to produce such books at second and third hand, which are thus separated by a long remove from the original monuments forming our primary sources of knowledge. As the use of this vol ume is in a measure conditioned by the method which produced it, may the author state that it is based di rectly and immediately upon the monuments, and in most cases upon the original monuments, rather than upon any published edition of the same? For this pur pose the historical monuments still standing in Egypt, or installed in the museums of Europe (the latter in to to), were copied or collated by the author anew ad hoc and rendered into English (see infra, p. 445, B. Trans lations, bar). Upon this complete version the present volume rests. Those students who desire to consult the sources upon which any given fact is based, are re ferred to this English corpus. A full bibliography of each original monument, if desired, will also be found there, and hence no references to such technical bibliog raphy will be found herein, thus freeing the reader from a mass of workshop debris, to which, however, he can easily refer, if he desires it.

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