A-B-C of Vegetable Gardening


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Another notion is, that in order to have a good garden a large amount of time and labor must be expended on it. Not so. A very small amount of systematized labor will be demanded by even a good-sized garden, if it is planned in such a manner that labor-sav ing tools can be used in its cultivation. If we look back to the gardening days of fifty or even twenty-five years ago, when every thing was done at the hardest and the hand had to do a good share of the work that we now do with helpful implements, it is not to be wondered at that the old-time care of a garden discourages many from undertaking to have one. Happily those days are over, and with the gardening facilities of the present it is an easy matter to accomplish more in an hour than could be done then in a day. There is really no drudgery in gardening as it is done to — day. On the contrary, there is posi tive pleasure in the operation of the ma chinery which inventive genius has furnished for the up-to-date gardener's use.

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