A History of Japanese Mathematics

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It is the hope of the authors that this brief history may serve to show to the West the nature of the mathematics that was indigenous to Japan, and to strengthen the bonds that unite the scholars of the world through an increase in knowledge of and respect for the scientific attainments of a people whose progress in the past four centuries has been one of the marvels of history. It is only just to mention at this time the generous assistance rendered by Mr. Leslie Leland Locke, one of my graduate students in the history of mathematics, who made in my library the photographs for all of the illustrations used in this work. His intelligent and painstaking efforts to carry out the wishes of the authors have resulted in a series of illustrations that not merely elucidate the text. But give a visual idea of the genius of the Japanese mathematics that words alone cannot give. To him I take pleasure in ascribing the credit for this arduous labor, and in expressing the thanks of the authors.

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