A Tale of Two Cities

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<i>A Tale of Two Cities</i> is one of Dickens' shorter works, though still written in his usual style and so no less of an entertaining read for that. While not widely regarded as one of his greatest, <i>A Tale of Two Cities</i> is nevertheless a must read novel for any fan of Charles Dickens' writing.<br><br>Set in the year 1775 the story forms in pre-revolutionary France with a London banker Jarvis Lorry and his companion Miss Lucie Manette on a quest to re-unite Miss Manette with her father whom she had presumed dead. <br><br>Five years later the second book begins with the character Charles Darney on trial accused of spying for the French – From here the plot takes us back into France and the actions of the Defarges with their band of revolutionaries.<br><br>Dickens’ descriptions of pre-revolutionary France are fantastic in that he is able to truly show the extent of the depraved state of the common French populace – the capturing as, he is so often able to do, of the very essence of the times, is one of the many characteristics that make Charles Dickens a writer of true masterpieces.<br><br>If you enjoy this book (or even if not) be sure to read the full collection of Dickens’ books available on Forgotten Books – thorough knowledge of Charles Dickens and his works is almost a necessity for any lover of fictional literature.

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