Actual Life in the Turkish Harem

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This is the story of the woman of locks and bars — harem. Stripped Of its trammels and tassels Of sentimental and mawkish fairy tales and dramatic Arabian Night stories, the Harem is plainly one Of the fundamental prin ciples Of Mohammedanism, which permits a man to marry as many as four women at a time, under certain restrictive conditions; to keep them indoors, behind locks and bars, or under veil and shawl when out of doors, away from the gaze Of men other than their hus bands or immediate members Of the family, and to divorce them, according to the Koranic laws, until a man shall have married as many as seven women all told. He may also have other women in his household or elsewhere, without marrying them, provided that he has fulfilled his Obligations to those whom he has married.

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