Angelic Wisdom Concerning the Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom

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The present Translation is based upon the recommendations of the revision committee OF the swedenborg society; and it is believed that in technical respects those recommendations have been fully carried out. In addition to this, fidelity to the matter and manner of Swedenborg has governed the translation. More remains to be done in the same direction even with this small work. There are phrases which are still to be solved into English idioms by the painstaking translators of the future. But at present it has not seemed advisable to put idiomatic English in the first place, and Swedenborg's forms of speech in the second. There is temptation to do so. But whenever the process has been attempted, the immediate result has shown that some pregnant meaning has escaped in the altered phrase. Swedenborg is ever -clear and definite, and employs unusual forms of speech only for unusual purposes. To convert these forms into current English would void their intrinsic meaning. A great part of the present work is of this unusual significance; being an expression of hitherto unknown spiritual things in the imperfect vehicle of natural language; and therefore, to corres pond to the occasion, the phraseology is unusual. The Latin however is always felicitous and express, and the attempt has been made to emulate it in this respect, and yet to carry it over into an English as idiomatic as possible.

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