A Treatise on the Diseases of Females

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WO of the Press. Dr. Rokytansky's book is no more than it professes to be: it is morbid Anatomy in its densest and most compact form, scarcely ever alleviated by histories, cases, or hypotheses. It is just such a work as might be expected from its author, who 18 said to have written in it the result of his experience gained in the careful examination of over' bodies, and who is possessed of a truly marvellous power of observing and amassing facts. In the course of our analysis we have said comparatively little of its merits, the best. Evidence of which is found in the length to which our abstracts have been carried without passing beyond the bounds of what is novel or important. Nor would this fault have been commi though much more had been borrowed, for no modern volume on morbid Anatomy contains half so many genuine facts as this; it is alone sufficient to place its author in the highest rank of European medical observers. — Bm§tislt a/nd Foreign Medical Review.

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