Arcana Saitica Briefly Discussed in Three Essays on the Masonic Tracing Boards

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I believe that to a large number of Masons the eso terio meaning of the symbols and ceremonies in constant use and practice amongst us is either unknown or dis regarded; but it surely cannot be uninteresting, even as a matter of history, to know whence they were derived, and to see how, even in our ancient and honourable Society, the jewel truth has become encrusted until to outward view it is like the pebble ignorance. Finally, I would urge that the mission of Masonry is not yet ended; its practical services in preserving knowledge in days when the possession of such know ledge was too often the passport to a shameful death deserve to be ever kept in remembrance, and even now it may be that in a Lodge close tiled we can impart to each other matters of deep interest which yet it may not be well to publish for the indiscriminate use of the outer world.

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