A Journey to the Centre of the Earth

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Like many of Jules Verne's works <i>A Journey to the Centre of the Earth</i> is an adventure novel (although, again like many of Verne's works, also classable within Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres) set in the author's own time, the 19th century.<br><br>This particular masterpiece (for Jules Verne is credited with a multitude of such) features a Professor Lindenbrock and his bold nephew Axel who discover an aged manuscript showing, within an extinct volcano, the entrance to a series of caves and pathways leading to the centre of the Earth. Upon the attempt to undertake this <i>Journey to the Centre of the Earth</i> the pair and their guide, Hans, discover an enormous underground world filled with much plant and animal life which was, up until this discovery, presumed extinct. This is only the tip of the iceberg however, and from here the exciting expedition continues, featuring many an unexpected turn.<br><br>Upon the conclusion to the inevitable thrill that is <i>A Journey to the Centre of the Earth</i> pick up more of Jules Verne's classics such as <i>20,000 Leagues Under the Sea</i> and <i>From the Earth to the Moon</i>, also available in the Forgotten Books collection.

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