A New Heaven and a New Earth

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I believe it to be the legitimate birthright Of every man born into the world to be physically whole and mentally happy. My sole thought in writing this book is that it may bring more light to the minds of those who are seeking af ter a greater knowledge of the laws of life, and Whose earnest desire it is to apply such laws. I would ask of the reader, therefore, a careful, as well as a thoughtful study Of all the ques tions discussed, so that he may test the truth and prove for himself, that profit may accrue to his life as the result of the thought and study given to the contents of this book. I realize how imperfect is the setting for so great a subject as that upon which I have at tempted to write. I prophesy, however, that in the near future some great soul, enlightened by the indwelling spirit, will come forth and give in a larger and more complete way that which I, while seeing, am not fully able to express.

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