A Grammar of the Kachin Language


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As initial almost 1 Ka, to write; htak, lfihm final like k In Eng to guess. 1s Combination of the kand Kyem, to put a y sounds. Side Aspirated k. Hka, a river. Abarsh guttural sound, Kha, a river. Stronger than the Ger man ch in madchen, used mostly by the Cowries instead of hk. Makhawn, a mai den. A sound somewhat softer Hkyet, a valley. Than ch, but varying to a great degree in differ ent localities. As in English. Lam, a road. Sound of m as in English Ma, a child. (a) Sound of n as in Eng Nam, a jungle. Lish (b) When standing alone, N galaw, not to do; or immediately preced nta, a house; n ing another consonant, gam, aprecipice. Only its pure consonant al sound is heard. As initial without an equi N gal, I; leng, a valent in English, as fi cart. Nal like ng in bring. No equivalent in English. Nyet, to deny. Almost a bp sound. Pat, to obstruct. Aspirated p. Hpai, to carry. A blending of p and f; Pfun, wood. Mostly used by the Cow ries instead of hp.

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