A Day in the Moon

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Behind us the sun had set and night was coming on with a perfectly clear Sky. We were walking along a footpath among clumps of heath and furze. A herdsman was singing as he Slowly brought back his cattle to their Shed, and gradually as the night came on the thousand sounds Of Earth were hushed. One might have said that Nature was assuming a recollected Silence the better to prepare man to feel the charm of the heavens that were soon all studded with stars. And now, as the tints Of the landscape faded away, my childish imagination was full Of delight. The wide unbroken plain extended to the hori zon, which it seemed to touch, and I thought that the sea must present much the same appearance. Here and there the thickets of high-growing shrubs stood out in dark patches on the ground, and I imagined they were like great waves. The clumps of pines scattered here and there farther oh, black.

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