A History of Northern Michigan and Its People

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Mr. Line is a man of fine mentality and broad human sympathy. He thoroughly enjoys home life and takes great pleasure in the society of his family and friends. He is always courteous, kindly and affable, and those who know him personally accord him the highest esteem. Mr. And Mrs. Line's lives have been exemplary in all respects and they have ever supported those interests which are calculated to uplift and benefit humanity, while their own high moral worth is deserving of the highest commendation. Charles F. Hull. — For more than ten years engaged in an active general law practice in Onaway, and during the whole of that period manifesting an earnest, practical and helpful interest in the welfare of the community and the advancement and improvement of his town and county, Charles F. Hull has risen on demonstrated merit to a high place in the esteem of the people and force and influence for good among them. He is now one of the leading lawyers in this part of the state and one of the most prominent and progressive citizens of northern Michigan.

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