A New Practical and Easy Method of Learning the Danish and Norwegian Languages

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All the definitions and rules contained in these grammars are clearly and simply explained. The text matter is progressively arranged in a way calculated to interest and encourage the student. Many obsolete and complicated rules so often found in other works of this class, and which tend only to bewilder and weary the beginner, have been removed altogether. Others, which it has been found necessary to retain, have been thoroughly revised and fully elucidated, so as to present them in a more attractive manner. Many of these manuals have already gone through several editions, the new issues being carefully revised from time to time and brought up to date. The prevalent idea in all these volumes is that of teaching the languages easily and pleasantly, of removing all unnecessary difficulties, and, at the same time, of imparting a sound grammatical and conversational know ledge oi foreign tongues.

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