Astro-Theology; Or, the Religion of Astronomy

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Astro-Theology; Or, the Religion of Astronomy - copertina
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It is my daily happiness, as one who holds a rational and free theology, to know and feel that Revealed Religion hails, instead of deprecating, the great discoveries of Science; in other words, that the voice of God in Creation harmonizes with that of His Gospel.<br><br>It is also, I grieve to say, my uniform observation, beyond the circle of avowed Unitarian Christians, that Science and Theology are accustomed to look upon each other with a greater or less degree of jealousy and suspicion; - the scientific man seldom daring freely to avow the most religious conclusions he draws from the study of Nature; the theologian dabbling very cautiously in the mere shallows of Science, lest he should plunge unawares into religious heresy.

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