A New Voyage and Description of the Isthmus of America

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Peace was more easily proclaimed than enforced. The habits Of more than a century habits Of reckless daring and riotous debauchery, Of a steady flow Of Spanish treasure through Jamaica toward London, where the complaints Of those who felt the decrease in rents and per quisites were not the least Of the troubles Of the Lords Of Trade and Plantations were not readily overcome. Some Of the buccaneers who, like Henry Morgan, were in funds at the time, settled down and became most respectable members Of the community. More spent their money as they had spent it before, and then looked about for a fresh supply. Thus it is easy to understand how it came to pass that every now and then a shipload Of jolly lads, with nothing in the world to lose, sailed out by Port Royal to take whatever the high seas had to Offer.

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