A Handbook of Tropical Gardening and Planting

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The need for a practical work of this nature, especially adapted for the Tropics, has apparently been long felt, judging by the demand for information on the subjects treated in this hand book. Of books on horticulture in temperate countries, there is no end, but they are generally of little guidance in tropical regions, where the conditions Of climate, labour and methods Of working are so different. A writer in the Ceylon Observer recently remarked: How much more attractive and interesting our bun galow gardens and compounds might be made if the right sort of information regarding their care were available. Too Often they are tended only by the garden-cooly, who has no pretensions to any knowledge Of gardening, and things which grow, do so more by luck than good management. The aim Of the author has been, therefore, to supply as concisely as possible and in a manner to suit the practical man in the field or garden, the kind Of information which is most generally sought for. Not only on horticultural matters, but also on general planting or agricultural subjects.

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