Alberta, Past and Present

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The design of this work is to give a readable and comprehensive view of the history of Alberta from the earliest times. The author has divided the history of the province into three periods. The first period will cover the early explorations and rule of the Fur Traders. The second period concerns rival fur companies, the Selkirk Purchase, etc. — 1811-1821. The third period, which in many ways is the most wonderful of all, deals with the events since 1821 — tells the story of the marvelous transformation of the Great Lone» Land into the rich and populous Alberta of today. The story is one of intense and instructive interest to the student of Canadian history. To trace» the development of the political institutions of the newest province of the Dominion and compare it with the develop ment of similar institutions in the older provinces of Canada, is an inter esting study in comparative politics and highly illustrative of the manner in which responsible government grows in free communities.

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