A History of Elementary Mathematics With Hints on Methods of Teaching

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In the preparation of this history, I have made extensive use of the works of Cantor, Hankel, Unger, De Morgan, Pea cock, Gow, Allman, Loria, and of other prominent writers on the history of mathematics. Original sources have been consulted, whenever opportunity has presented itself. It gives me much pleasure to acknowledge the assistance ren dered by the United States Bureau of Education, in for warding for examination a number of old text-books which otherwise would have been inaccessible to me. It should also be said that a large number of passages in this book are taken, with only slight alteration, from my History of Mathematics, Macmillan Cc., 1895. Some parts of the present work are, therefore, not independent of the earlier one. It has been my privilege to have my manuscript read by two scholars of well-known ability,-dr. G. B. Halsted of the University of Texas, and Professor F. H. Loud of Colorado College. Through their suggestions and corrections many infelicities in language and several inaccuracies of statement have disappeared. Valuable assistance in proof-reading has been rendered by Professor Loud, by Mr. P. E. Doudna, formerly Fellow in Mathematics at the University of Wis consin, and by Mr. F. K. Bailey, a student in Colorado College. I extend to them my sincere thanks.

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