A Grammar of the Greek Language


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The fact that within a few years the present Grammar has found its way into a large number of schools in various countries of Europe seems to be a satisfactory answer to the question whether a thorough knowledge of Greek is attainable by the method I have adopted. Much, therefore, of what I thought it necessary to state on the first appearance of the book does not now re quire to be repeated; but I consider it incumbent upon me to make some observations upon the objects and the use of the Grammar, and I beg to recommend these to the careful consideration of teachers. Few sciences have within the last half century been so completely reformed as the science of language. Not only has our insight into the nature and history of human speech been greatly advanced, but — and this is justly regarded as a matter of still greater importance quite a different method in treating language in general has been discovered, after a new era had been opened up by the philosophical inquiries of William von Humboldt, and the historical investigations of Francis Bopp and Jacob Grimm. No one, unless he desires to exclude schools from the progress thus made, and to confine them to the mechanical repetition of imper feet and antiquated rules, will probably doubt that the new knowledge, the principles of which have stood the test of nearly half a century, ought to exercise its in~ fluence on the teaching of language.

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