Anglican Prejudices Against the Catholic Church

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Scrope, who was accused of recusancy be cause, ih the East Riding of Yorkshire, he had only imprisoned and tortured sixteen hundred and seventy Catholics. He knows as little of the reli gious ideas and religious motives of two hundred millions of his fellow-christians as if they lived in the moon. He forgets that the forefathers of whom he is so proud — the brave Saxons and Normans, good King Alfred, brave Richard Coeur de Lion, upright Sir Thomas More, and all the rest of his heroes — were of the old Faith. Can any good come out of Nazareth? With the feeling which characterises John Bull all over the world, he believes he is right and every one else wrong. It is hopeless to argue against such prejudice and one-sidedness. But as the effect of early teaching for a long time blinded my own eyes to simple facts, I am going now to enumerate these untruths one by one, and show you how they were disproved to my own satisfaction.

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