A Few Useful Shop Hints on Locomotive Valve Setting

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A real hunky bunch of practical shop stunts for a shop man, put up BY a shop man, raised among shop men on the erecting shop pits. Be a valve setter as well as a sledge hammer artist on frames, cylinders, etc. You don't have to be a designer to understand these kinks. Take what you want and forget the technicalities you don't need on the shop end of the game. Certain unnecessary dope which Often occurs in shop treatise is cut out from this little shot at a — boomer's shop dream. The author realizes what a green hand on the pits is up against in order to gain a living, let alone a thorough knowledge of the game ready for a show down. This book is the first of a series in the endeavour to show how to crack many of the apparently hard nuts met with during the erection Of a locomotive, from the preparation Of the pit for main frames, to the finished engine ready for de livery to the round house, including trial trip.

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