A Grammar of the Somali Language


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In 1903 I published a small practical hand-book, Notes on the Somali Language, but this was written on lines totally different from those of the present Grammar. It was a compilation of notes which I had found useful to myself, and was intended to serve as an elementary guide to beginners, who had not the time to digest a more lengthy work. The orthography, the Spelling, and the few grammatical rules, have since been entirely revised and corrected. I desire to express my grateful appreciation of the assistance rendered me by Mr H. J. Edwards, Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Peterhouse, Cambridge, and by Mr R. R. Marett, Fellow and Tutor of Exeter College, Oxford, in revising the whole of the present work, in manuscript and proof: Professor E. G. Browne kindly suggested some improvements in the Introduction. I acknowledge with gratitude and admiration the promptness shown by the officials and staff of the Cambridge University Press, in completing against time a work involving unusual difficulties of composition and proof reading.

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