As to Polo

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I made his position on the team and, as a result, got into many matches and had the advantage of having three trained men, who had played together for years, holding their posts and keeping me to mine. Credit for this good team play and consequent suc cess was wholly due to the admirable captaincy of that noble sportsman, Samuel Dennis Warren, of Boston. It is much easier to start right than to unlearn a fault to which one has become habituated. If be fore beginning to play, the player learns to start the stroke from the perpendicular, for example, and to bring his mallet up to the perpendicular again, making one complete circle, he will avoid an error most pernicious in its results, which mars the play of a number of players — that is, carrying the stick at any angle or starting the stroke with the head of the mallet near the ground which, while not al ways fatal, is inimical to good hitting. It seems a pity that any player should ever begin polo with out learning how to hold his mallet.

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