Applied Latin

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After an experience of several years teaching in College and High School, the author has become convinced that the present First Year books do not satisfy modern needs in the teaching of Latin nor do they handle the subject in a manner that produces the greatest good for the greatest number of students. I. The Beginners' books in present use have been written too much for the small number of students who intend to go to College, and too little for the great number who study Latin only during two or three years of High School work. Within the last few years the makers of High _school curricula have been forced to pay more attention to the demands of the great mass of students who go no further than the High School. Courses more nearly related to their needs in later life as citizens and workers have been adopted. Traditional courses which gained reputations as valuable only for College students have been disregarded by the authorities and neglected by the students. Latin, especially, has been attacked as an educational luxury, be cause laymen have thought that the net results of the study do not justify the outlay of so much valuable time. Too often no definite advance could be pointed out as the result of the first year's study even by the teachers.

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