A Chain of Prayer Across the Ages


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In consequence, however, of frequent requests to make the compilation more generally known, the idea of publication gradually developed. The prayers have been gathered from widely different sources, and were often met with in the course of everyday reading or contributed by friends. They have consequently been, in some cases, most difficult to retrace, and in several instances it has proved impossible to determine their origin, though every effort has been made to give author and date to every one in the collection. It has been no easy task to select the prayers from the large number at one's disposal, and were it not for the Size of the book, they could well have been arranged for a year instead of for only six months. The primary object, that of making the book really useful in the home, has above all been kept in View; for this reason many old prayers, though of great interest and quaint in their language, have been omitted, and others retained which seemed more appropriate to the needs of our modern life. In this way numbers of different authors have of necessity been excluded, so that the book can in no way be called — nor indeed does it aim at being — a comprehensive anthology from all the available writers throughout the centuries. The work of finding and verifying the source, together with the more difficult task of selection, has been lightened by the ever-ready and untiring help and sympathy of my friend, Mrs. William Graham, who throughout has done so much not only to guide my endeavours, but to facilitate the labour of research.

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