Alexander a History of the Origin and Growth of the Art of War From Earliest Times to the Battle of Ipsus, B. C 301

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The king placed trusted men in charge Of the receipt of custom. Coeranus was appointed to Phoenicia and Philoxe nus to the cis-taurus region. Harpalus, just returned from desertion, Alexander made treasurer of the army chest, he not being rugged enough for field service. Harpalus had been among the small crowd of Alexander's intimates who were expatriated when he himself fell under his father's dis pleasure. Alexander never forgot his friends. Harpalus had been in favor, but, guilty of some misdemeanor, had fled, just before lssus. He was now recalled and put in charge of the moneys. A remarkable judge Of men, Alexander sometimes went too far in relying on his intimates. It was once a friend, always a friend with Alexander. Unqualified treachery alone could warp his affection. N earchus, later the admiral, was made Viceroy of Lycia as far as Mount Taurus; Asclepio dorus was appointed Viceroy of Syria, vice Menon, removed for negligence. Menander was given office in Lydia. Clear chus succeeded the latter in command of part of the Greek auxiliaries; Erigyius was made chief of the Greek allied cav alry; Laomedon was appointed provost marshal, as he was well acquainted with the Persian language.

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