A History of the Philippines

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"This book is only an <i>introduction</i> to the history of the Philippines under Spanish and American rule."<br><br>Thus informs author David Prescott Barrows in the preface of this second edition of <i>A History of the Philippines</i>, published in 1905, which is only within 5 years from the beginning of America's governance of the Southeast Asian archipelago. As such, this work receives the distinction of being among the very first definitive resources on Philippine history written in English.<br><br>Mr. Barrows' historical account is written with the original intent of making it an educational reference for students in Philippine public schools. It begins with the author's examination of the country as a subject for historical study, comparing it to another Asian nation, Japan. This comparison is quite prophetic and not without irony because the American administration was superseded by the Japanese occupation during World War II. <br><br>In the next chapter, he touches on ethnology, discussing the first settlers of the archipelago and how "Mohammedanism" found its place among the locals. It is quite odd that this topic is immediately followed by a concise run through Western history, most possibly in an attempt to illustrate the circumstances that contributed to the discovery and colonization of the Philippines. This same transition can also be observed in the later chapters, especially with the chapter on <i>America and the Philippines</i>.<br><br>Over all, Mr. Barrows managed to relay facts in an objective manner, albeit with a decidedly favorable nod towards American rule, made obvious in his preface and in the chapter on American occupation. This is not surprising and is even expected. The early 1900s was a shaky period in Philippine history, where a firm and experienced hand was needed to run the country and get it back on its feet after its liberation from 300 years of Spanish rule. <br><br>Students, as well as those seeking to learn about the history of this Asian country, will benefit from this concisely written edition.

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