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<i>Aequanimitas With Other Addresses to Medical Students, Nurses and Practitioners of Medicine</i> is a compilation of the writings of William Osler. For those not familiar with Osler and his works, he was a prominent Canadian physician and is best known for being one of the founding professors of John Hopkins Hospital. Osler has been described as the "father of modern medicine" for his work establishing the first residency program with the intent of training physicians.<br><br>The book begins with Osler's farewell address "Aequanimitas", delivered to fellow medical practitioners upon his departure from Philadelphia in 1889. This speech sets the tone for the rest of the book with a heavy focus on medicine and the coming challenges to medical professionals, particularly in continuing education and increasing the level of professionalism in practice. Osler emphasizes the critical role discussion and training play in preparing students for the field and cultivating a more established profession. This focus on continuing education and engagement is carried throughout the text as Osler reinforces repeatedly his belief that educated physicians create a better field. .<br><br><i>Aequanimitas With Other Addresses to Medical Students, Nurses and Practitioners of Medicine</i> is an historic and informative book written by the famous William Osler. This book presents itself as a manual for physicians but most readers will find it approachable regardless of educational background or chosen career. This book would be particularly interesting to individuals in the medical profession and entertaining for individuals interested in the life and times of William Osler.

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