A History of Tuolumne County, California

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This work, undertaken in the desire to preserve from oblivion the deeply interesting records of the short but eventful period of Tuolumne's occupancy by civilized man, has been carried out in the fullest form compatible with absolute accuracy. Whatever has been here set down has been subjected first to careful scrutiny, in the h0pe that the printed book might, in the matter of exactness at least, be worthy of those by whom its perusal is intended. The limits of the story are necessarily circumscribed but con sidering the merely ephemeral interest which pertains to ordinary anecdote, and considering the comparatively few points on which the attention of future generations may center, it has been thought best to imitate in brevity and accuracy the more pretentious works of celebrated histor ians, and not allow the intense interest which at present pertains to the affairs of the Golden Age of California, to warp the historical spirit that should discriminate between that which is worthy of perpetuation and that which, al though interesting in the vicinity of its happening, cannot lend value to a book which should be of permanent worth.

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