A Practical Treatise on the Art of Illuminating

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A Practical Treatise on the Art of Illuminating - copertina
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To the Middle Ages - the fruitful mothers of constructive and decorative art - we owe, if not the invention, at least the culture and development of the art of Illuminating. The perfection to which it was carried in those times, which it was so long the fashion to mis-name "the Dark Ages," excites the astonishment not less than the admiration of every beholder who is imbued with even a moderate share of artistic feeling, when he contemplates for the first time a mediaeval Ms. on which the illuminator has exercised his inventive power, skill, and industry. The sentiment awakened by the curious and beautiful production of the pencil, which, with the hand that guided it, has for centuries been mouldering in dust, is akin to that with which the wonderful structures of the same period are surveyed the gorgeous palaces, the solemn temples and monumental crosses -designed by contemporary artists, and executed by contemporary hands. It may be viewed with less awe, but with almost equal solemnity and admiration.<br><br>The revival of the art of Illumination, which has recently taken place, is an important contribution to the refined civilization of our age. It is the resuscitation of a long neglected source of beauty and enjoyment, and adds a new and exquisite pleasure to the many which the present time affords.

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