A Campaign From Santa Fe to the Mississippi

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Kind Reader, the work has commenced; I have undertaken to compile for your especial benefit a history of our Brigade and its doings. The world has been furnished with The Campaign from Texas to Maryland, by the Rev. Mr. Davis, of the Fourth Texas In fentry, and The Camp, the Bivouac, and the Battle-field, by Dr. Gammage, of the Fourth Arkansas The first, second, third, and per haps the fourth, years of the war, by Pollard; and why not now with that of the Old Sibley — Green — Hardeman Brigade. May I hope that this — my first offering — may in part be favored and appreciated by the friends of that Old Brigade 'throughout the Lone Star State. The preface, if I but have the time to write one, will explain to you the many embarrassing and disadvantageous circumstances under which this volume was compiled, prepared and brought before the public.

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