A History of Malta During the Period of the French and British Occupations, 1798-1815

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This work makes no pretension to be anything more than a collection of English and foreign documents referring to events in the history of Malta which occurred during the years from 1792 to 1815. These documents, if presented in their entirety and without comment, unless when absolutely necessary, will serve to remove misunderstandings, and will allow the student of history to form a correct appreciation of the action of Great Britain with regard to Malta during the memorable years 1798 — 1815 for they describe in a concrete form, not only the circumstances which led to the attack and capture of the Islands by the French Republic, but also the subsequent naval and military operations of the British and Maltese forces, aided by the Portuguese and Neapolitan allies, which resulted in Great Britain obtaining and securing the possession of Malta and its dependencies.

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