Airships in Peace War


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Thus, in breathless fashion, one could go on recounting the unprecedented progress of this new locomotion. But I will refer my readers to the book, and to the appendix, for a summary of progress. On the main theme of the book, that is to say, the naval and military applications of aerial vessels, opinions change almost from day to day but the number of sceptics is far smaller now than when the first edition appeared. Most wonderful of all, the British Government has been stirred into action, both in building airships for the army and navy, and in establishing a Scientific Advisory Committee. There are several writers and thinkers who yet will admit no feasibility for aerial vessels, but they usually belong to the class who have given little study to the possibilities of aerial vessels. It is significant, however, that even those naval and military experts who deny the utility of ships of the air have not ceased to urge on the develop ment of special guns to ward off aerial attacks.

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