A History of Louisiana

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In presenting this History of Louisiana to the people of the State, the authors find it necessar to say a word of preface. Their intention has been to write a histo. Y that would give the children of Louisiana a simple and true account of the progress of the State from the earliest times of discovery down to the present era. It is hoped, however, that the work will not prove uninteresting to older persons as well. Every effort has been made to secure accuracy of detail; but as some errors may have crept in, the authors will be glad to receive notice of any that meet the eye of the critic. If a subsequent edition is demanded, the authors expect to enrich their work with further illustrations. Especially do they hope to obtain portraits of all the State governors — a task which it has been found impossible to accomplish in time for this edition. It may be added that all the artistic and mechanical portion of the work was done in New Orleans — the book is entirely a home product. The authors desire to thank the librarians of the Fisk, the Howard, and the State Libraries for uniform courtesy and kindness in putting at their disposal the rich historical treasures from which the materials of this work are drawn.

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