Anglo-Saxon and Norse Poems

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My thanks are due to the Rev. Canon mclaren, Librarian of the Cathedral Library at Exeter, for the trouble which he has taken on several occasions in allowing me to consult the ms. Of the Enter Book, and to both him and Mrs mclaren for much kindness which I have received from them while in Exeter; to Sir Geoffrey Butler, Librarian of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, for the facilities which he has afforded me for consulting the Parker ms. Of the Saxon Chronicle and other mss.; to Mr E. J. Thomas of Emmanuel College and of the University Library, Cambridge, and to Miss C. H. Wedg wood of Newnham College, Cambridge, who have kindly read the proofs for me and made many helpful suggestions. I wish further to thank the Syndics of the University Press for undertaking the publication of the book, and the staffs of the University Press and of the University Library for their unfailing courtesy while the work was in progress. Above all I have to thank Professor Chadwick who has unreservedly placed the results of his own labours at my disposal, both in the translation and in the commentary, and to whom I am heavily indebted for criticism and help throughout the work.

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