A History of Middle New River Settlements

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Mercer County as originally created, and as it now exists, embraces territory which was formerly a part of that vast do main known as Augusta, later, and in succession, Botetourt, Fincastle, Montgomery, Greenbrier, Wythe, Monroe, Tazewell, and Giles Counties. The early history of the County, and that of its settlers and people, is largely common all those who occupy the territory referred to. Their long sufferings, dangerous encounters with the wild beasts and the savages, their patient endurance, their history during and after the close of the war between the States, their manly and heroic efforts to restore and reestablish their rights as citizens of a free Republic, not less renowned than their chivalric deeds in war, deserve a place in the annals of history to be handed down to succeeding generations, as examples of valor, heroism and fortitude worthy of emulation. The desire usually possessed by civilized men to learn the 'history and character of their ancestors, who they were, andwhence they came, excites regret that this history is the more often involved in obscurity; no one has thought it necessary to keep a correct record of the family. Tradition alone, depended upon to supply the place of re corded facts, is often so obscured by the efflux of time and other causes, that it cannot always be relied upon as a safe guide to truth. Yet when tradition and known facts are closely coupled together, the former is greatly strengthened and becomes much more reliable.

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