A Syllabus of Old Testament History

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We have reached a new era in Bible study. 'old plans and methods of work are giving place to the new. The old material of the Bible has become enriched by the wealth of antiquity. The nations of the Orient are rising from their slumbers. The voices of peoples, old when the first word of the Old Testament was penned, are heard in the East. Their testimony is essential to any correct estimate of those times. In fact, the field of study has so enlarged and expanded that the old text-book method of studying Old Testament History must be superseded by one more stimulating and comprehensive. The student should be turned loose in the luxuriant fields of modern investigation and discovery. He should pro duce his picture'of Old Testament History filled with all the events of contemporaneous peoples. This Syllabus aims to furnish a practical compendium and plan of work to accomplish just this end. It is designed as a new text book for use in Seminaries, Colleges, Academies and Training Schools. The Bible narrative alone can be studied, or in addition thereto any prescribed amount of outside reading done. The Option of teacher or stu dent can be followed.

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