Aircraft in Warfare


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There are two theories, however, evolved by Mr. Lanchester to which I may safely draw attention. The first he has called the N-square law, and it is, to my mind, a most valuable contribution to the art of war. It is the scientific statement of a truth which, although but dimly perceived, has been skilfully used by many great captains, both Naval and Military, but it is now for the first time stated in figures and logically proved. We can never be governed by the rules of exact science; there are too many conflicting factors, too many fortuitous circumstances; but there are certain rules, whether based on experience or calculation, which no commander may lightly transgress. Concentration of force is one of these rules, and a statement of the inevitable disadvantages of dispersion is valuable. The examples chosen from sea and land warfare illustrate the working of the law with admirable precision.

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