A History of the Irish Poor Law


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A history of the Irish Poor Law, explaining its origin and the principles on which it was founded, together with an account of its progress and the effects of its ap plication would, it might reasonably be Supposed, afford information that must be generally useful — that it would be useful to the administrators of the law, can hardly admit of doubt. Such a history would place before them in a complete and regular series, all that it would be necessary for them to know, and all that ought to be borne in mind, in order that the examples of the past may prepare them for promptly dealing with the present, or for anticipating the future. The following work has been framed chiefly with this view; and I can only say that I have earnestly endeavoured to make it sufficient 'for ~the purpose, without any other wish or object than that it should prove useful in a cause to which during several years my best ener gies were devoted, and to the furtherance of which I could no longer contribute in any other way.

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