A Letter From a Blacksmith to the Ministers and Elders of the Church of Scotland

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Or had I hoped ever to have feen amore favourable feafon than the prefent, I would patient ly have waited for it. But now We are blelted with a learned body of clergy, with a prince well dif 'pofed to promote true piety among his people, and we have the happinefs toalive in an age, in which the prejudices of parties are moi'tly worn oil, the rage of difpute abated, and men difpofed to hear truth, and obey reafon, fuch peaceful happy days are defigned by heaven, and ought to be employed by men, to repair in religion, what has been pulled down by mad paliions, in ttirbulent times', to te fiore to its firft beauty, Whatever has been defaced by party prejudices in the days of contention, and to recover the purity of our faith, and decency of our wbrfh'ip', from the tuft and lowr{uperfiition which they have contracted m the ignorant ages, and tinctures of enthufiafm they imbibed in the' ihock and tumult of the reformation. There was no church that met with greater oppofition, or was more violently agitated t an ours; and tho' (thank.

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