A History of the Town of Brightlingsea


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I. Though each component of the Town has a chapter to itself, information relating to each will be found outside its own chapter, therefore the reader must not assume that he has exhausted one subject until he has consulted at least the index. The history of the last few years and the present day conditions are described only when they have some bearing on the past. They are too close to make it possible to select items satisfactorily, and there is too much to be given in full. Much information relating to Brightlingsea families and properties has been collected; but is too bulky to be given. In order that it may be available to those who are interested, the information in my possession relating to any one family or property will be given to those having a just claim to the information. II. There are no footnotes. All is included in the text; this impedes the story, but not as much as reference to the bottom of the page necessary, when footnotes are used. References are given to printed works and manuscripts. Each is indicated by letters to which the list given at the end of these notes is the key. A little more trouble will be needed to find the name of the work or ms. To which reference is made, but more information about the source can be given than when 'the title is given in a shortened form in a footnote. Where possible the volume and page to which reference is made are given in the. List of authorities.

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