Application of Christianity to the Commercial and Ordinary Affairs of Life

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This volume can be regarded in no other light, than as the fragment of a subject far too extensive to be overtaken within a compass so narrow. There has only a partial survey been taken of the morality of the actions that are current among people engaged in merchandise and with regard to the morality of the affections which stir in their hearts, and give a feverish and diseased activity to the pur suits of worldly ambition, this has scarcely been touched upon, save in a very general way in the concluding Dis course. And yet, in the estimation of every cultivated Christian, this second branch of the subject should be by far the most interesting, — as it relates to that Spiritual discipline by which the love of the world is overcome; and by which all that oppressive anxiety is kept in check, which the re verses and uncertainties of business are so apt to inject in to the bosom and by which the appetite that urges him who hasteth to be rich is effectually restrained — so as to make it possible for a man to give his hand to the duties of his secular occupation, and, at the same time, to maintain that sacredness of heart which becomes every fleeting traveller through a scene, all whose pleasures and whose prospects are so soon to pass away.

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