1400 Historical Dates of the Town and City of Bath

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The author has been over forty years collecting historical dates and reminiscences of the history of Georgetown and Bath; and, during that time, has searched and had recourse to all the ancient histories of New England, and particularly Maine and Acadia, among which are Massachusetts Records, Sullivan's History of Maine, and the col lections of the Maine Historical Society, the Frontier Missionary, &c. Likewise he is indebted to General Joseph Sewall for many historical facts; likewise to Nathaniel Groton, Esqi, for the history of the churches; likewise to John Hayden, Esq., surveyor, for more recent transactions likewise to a great many of the ancient inhabitants who outlived the common age of man, and were nearly all living within the recollection of the author, who was personally acquainted with every man that lived in Bath. But on account of the extent of these manuscripts, he has concluded to leave out a great deal and condense as much as possible, so that the work may come within the reach of every person, as a reference book that can be relied on in the future, which is more important in consequence of the Town Records having been burnt in 1838. He has a map of Long Reach in 1795, when there was but one street, which was High street.

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