Arabian Nights Entertainments

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Schahriar, the great Sultan of thejndies, finding his Sultaness unfaithful, was so enraged. That he resolvs ed to wed a maiden everysuight, and put her to death-next morning and accordingly be ordered the grand valento bring him the daughter of one of his otheers. {the vizier. Obeyed the sultan lay with her, and next morning order; ed the'vizier to strangle her; and get him anotheri. And in a word. There was every day a maid married, and a wife murdered. The grand vizier. Who was the exeauiouer, had two daughters. The eldest called Scheherazade, and the youngest Dinarzade the eldest was a lady of very great mer~ it, had courage, wit, and penetration: far above her sex; she! Had read'abundance, and had such a fine memory. That she never forgot any thing. She had applied herself to phi losophy, physio, history, and the liberal arts; besides this she was a perfect beauty, and all her fine qualifications was crowned by solid virtue.

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