Appletons' Railroad and Steamboat Companion

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Having stated some of the original and more prominent features of the work, we submit it with confidence to the judgment of that class for whom it is more especially de signed. We have withheld neither labor nor expense in our efforts to make it worthy of public patronage and we pledge ourselves to keep it up to its present standard of usefulness by thorough periodical revisions. Oi? Railroad and Steamboat Companies are requested to forward us the latest information relative to their respective lines, which shall be attended to in our corrected editions. Residents of the places described in this volume, and travellers also, who may suggest any corrections or additions, the result of personal observations, and written down, not from memory, but on the spot, will confer a great Obligation by ad dressing us, under cover to the publishers, and thus serve to render this volume at all times a faultless guide to' the travelling public.

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