A Day at Versailles

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Vast numbers of visitors come to Versailles to spend a day in visiting the Palace, its halls and rooms, the Museum, the Park, and the Trianons. It is advisable if possible to divide the visit into two or three days, but it is. Possible in a single day to see this fine collection, if no time be lost and the visitor be well directed. Such is the object of the present guide. In following exactly the routes we indicate, and in examining those objects which are mentioned as worthy of attention, and at the same time passing rapidly where we recommend no stay to be made, the visitor will leave the Palace having seen all its beauties ceilings and decorations, grand marble mosaics, sculptured and gilded wainscotting, lintels, copper carvings, antique furniture, pictures, busts, etc. That is to say the visitor will have had under his eyes the most beautiful specimens of the nu and mu eonturies. The connoisseur, the casual visitor and the artist will all find their tastes gratified, whether of pleasure or utility. A few historical notes will furnish all necessary information upon what has been done in the galleries and halls, and what purpose they served in times past, from what period they date, their style, and the principal artists whose master pieces they are. The engravings which accompany the text will assist the visitor in retaining a souvenir of what he may have admired. The plans will facilitate the inspection of the halls of the Palace, the principal rooms of the Museum, the gardens and statues of the Park.

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