A Genealogical History of the Rice Family


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Genealogical researches are not a favorite pu1suit with many pei sons. Yet the information derived from them 1s gratifying to all, and they are not few, that desire a knowledge of their ancestors and col lateral kindred; but in general have not the Opportunity, Without the aid Of others, to acquire itbeyond two generations. The results of such researches are likewise gratifying to the geneal ogist, not more for the information he thereby obtains for himself, than as furnishing him materials w'herewith to oblige and gratify Others. We think he feels no ordinary gratification, who Obtains a record of his family race from a remote period to his own time one that he can consult and refer to at his own leisure and at his own fireside, and at length leave to his children'as a.messenger,;thatwould introduce to them, as it had to him, numerous ancestors and kindred they never saw, or. Hadkheard of before; but with whom. They might commune with joy, yet not Without sadness; for although long since departed, they yet speak — speak through record and tell of Olden times; of when and where they lived;. Of,their cotemporaries'; of their trials, and of the names of their children; all past away, and, with many they once knew, forgotten.

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